Mozilla provides the first test version of the log-in system Persona

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Mozilla has released the first beta version of its log-in system Persona made available . The system competes with OAuth and OpenID, and it was still under the name BrowserID developed.

The sense of personality is to provide users with a log-in to enable at multiple sites with a single email address and password. Unlike a Facebook or Google Login but there is no tracking. On the contrary, promises Mozilla a protective mechanism. “The course, which sites you have visited is stored only on your computer.”


External developers are now invited persona into their sites. Make this easier to achieve than at competing standards was one of the main goals of Mozilla. In the last year we have developed new and improved APIs also the first log-in for new users clearly stated in the blog entry with the announcement.

In the Login dialog now also the name of the site from which the user is straight, and their logos are displayed. Also here to register now individual terms and conditions. Persona currently works in most browsers, operating systems Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

Since the beta phase only just started, the open-source software developed persona is only a few (and relatively unknown) sites implemented . Mozilla even uses it for his Webapps marketplace .

After all, it is the loud Sarah Downey for the first several sites comprehensive log-in process, where the user does not have to give up in return for the comfort of his privacy.She has, in a mail to also noted that Persona enforcing no real names and even multiple accounts per user enables – in their eyes, important points to protect users.

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