Mozilla promotes HTML5 start-up

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The Israeli start-up has received $ 25 million start-up funding – still to come from known companies , which is apparently its HTML5-based mobile platform noticed.Investors include Mozilla , the telephone company Telefonica and SingTel Innov8.

About users get from your mobile accessibility to cloud apps appear alongside native apps. The advantage of running in the cloud HTML5 programs is natural that the developers for all operating systems have to write only one program. This is particularly useful in order to provide regular updates.

The Mozilla Foundation has their commitment even dedicated a blog post .You’ve worked on the platform of, it says. You play for the 2013 starting Firefox OS an important role.“ shares the expectations and goals of Mozilla, and we enjoyed it to expand along with this company the boundaries of the Web.”

Also , Telefonica Digital with headquarters in London , there are words of praise: could be a breakthrough to bring the possibilities of the web on mobile devices. “Therefore, Telefonica has argued for greater openness in mobile ecosystems, which in turn leads to more innovation. Integrating in Firefox OS will lead to a rich, compelling mobile experience for the end user, “says responsible for product development director Carlos Domingo.

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