Mozilla presents the first smartphones with OS Firefox

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the two new Firefox mobile OS for development

firefox os with keon and peak

GeeksPhone Keon and Peak are the names of the two new mobile OS developer Firefox. The Spanish brand’s just made ​​official at an event organized in collaboration with Telefónica and Mozilla, revealing many of its technical characteristics as unknown while maintaining some important data like price or availability date.

The hardware of the two is quite conventional, and even for some may not be enough to move a current operating system. Keon Peak is the basic and the most powerful , but the hardware shares much in common and the main difference is in the screen. Two terminals for developers is unknown if finally go on sale to the public.

Keon’s little brother, big brother Peak

Keon GeeksPhone phone appears as a very simple and basic. They are 3.5 inch screen with resolution of 480 × 320 pixels, common in current input terminals from other manufacturers, and a processor that might appear in prehistory: Qualcomm Snapdragon S1 to 1 GHz, with a single nucleus.

Moving to Peak GeeksPhone things change and it becomes a much more attractive terminal. It is larger, 4.3-inch course with better resolution (qHD, 960 x 540 pixels) and also a more advanced and modern processor: the platform remains but a model Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual core 1.2 GHz

These are the main features that differentiate one from the other terminal, and battery (1580 mAh compared to 1800. Keon and to Peak, respectively). The rest is the same: 4 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD, Wi-Fi, light and proximity sensors and GPS . The Bluetooth specifications do not advertise (we understand that it does not carry, but will confirm soon with GeeksPhone) and speak to microUSB for charging and data transfer.

We do not forget the memory RAM , only 512MB . I say “only” because the current mobile move in higher numbers to move their systems. However, it may be sufficient as long as Firefox OS is properly implemented. I will reveal in when we can touch the two new terminals.

GeeksPhone and Telefónica, hand in hand with Mozilla

Not the first time we talk about Firefox OS, and even at Engadget Mobile first impressions we had afairly spacious. This time to Telefónica and joins Mozilla GeeksPhone , Spanish manufacturer that once launched several Android handsets and now makes the leap to Firefox OS , leaving – for now – the option of adopting the new Google and Mozilla alternative.

GeeksPhone Firefox OS

For its part, Telefónica has confirmed with Mozilla acquire numerous units and Peak Keon GeeksPhone for development and internal use. And is that the end of the day are two phones designed for developers that, at least for now, will not be distributed to the public. They are only aimed at advanced users begin to program your applications to Firefox OS in a real environment.

Price and availability are uncertain data, while we understand that arrive in the next few weeks (at most a few months) and that, in view of the features will be cheap . Or should be, go. Of course as we get more information we will send you.

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