Mozilla launches Firefox Marketplace and integration with Facebook

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The release of Firefox 16 may not have been as triumphant Mozilla would like, thanks to the security flaw discovered shortly after its release, but it seems that this did not affect anything in the adoption of the browser. This is what the company says research Chitika, which said Mozilla’s rapid response to correct the flaw – the software was corrected andre issued under 24 hours – version 16.0.1 downplayed any potential negative impact. “It seems that Mozilla had knowledge about the issue before large atualism their users to the new version, limiting the number of individuals who were operating with security vulnerabilities, “says the report on Friday, released by Chitika Insights. “Soon after the repair and recovery, adoption rates were apparently not affected – with three days of great increase in traffic share.” From October 16, Firefox 16 already recorded almost a third of all traffic-ons , leading the company to conclude that “the new browser version is heading to be as successful as the previous versions in terms of adoption rate.


” Two interesting new features Meanwhile, Mozilla has revealed new features of future versions . Two of these features are particularly noteworthy:

 1. Shop online Firefox With Aurora version of Firefox 18 for Android launched last week, Mozilla is offering new users a preview of its application store Marketplace Firefox .“This version features a selection of applications in the areas of gaming, productivity, and news media that users can search, install and use,” says a post on Thursday  on the Mozilla blog. Among the first apps ready for testing are: Distant Orbit , Jauntly , Soundcloud and Twitter . The online store is designed to enable developers to build, distribute and monetize Web applications developed in technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. For a peek Firefox Marketplace, you can download and open the Firefox Aurora on your Android smartphone, go to the Options menu, select “Apps” (or “Tools” and then “Apps”) and browse the online shop . Support for Firefox OS and Firefox on other platforms come in the future, according to Mozilla.

2. Social API Earlier this month Mozilla introduced its new Social API to integrate social features to Firefox. On Monday announced that the appeal is ready for testing via Facebook Messenger for Firefox . “When you activate the social integration, you will have a sidebar social news and chat, which remains fixed while you browse the web – without need to switch between tabs or open a new, “says a post on the Mozilla blog, announcing the new feature. “You can also share the page you are viewing with a single click in the address bar. might even leave the site you know when you have new notifications, all without leaving the page you’re visiting. Naturally, when you need to focus, you can also hide it. ” The new feature does not change what suppliers can see on the social behavior online unless you decide to share it, emphasized Mozilla. Support for other providers is on the way, as well as support for other social networks. Meanwhile, you can test this feature firsthand upgrading to Firefox 17 Beta and after visiting Facebook as you normally would.

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