Mozilla Firefox abandons support for 64-bit Windows

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Mozilla has decided to abandon its support for Windows Firefox in 64 bits. This decision is due to the vulnerabilities and performance problems suffered by the browser in recent months. Firefox 64-bit still available to Linux and OS X.

   One of the engineers of Firefox, Benjamin Smedberg, said in a message posted on one of the discussion groups Google Groups that the company will close the service and that failure to do so, he will install ‘plug-ins’ of off in your settings.

   This message has frustrated many problems related to the browser that has been exposed in recent months. The engineer explained that many ‘plug-ins’ are not available for this version and many do not work properly , because they have not implemented sufficient hooks for the Windows platform. On the other hand, said several performance problems affecting the quality of service.

   In this sense he recognized that the reporting of problems by users has become a low priority for the Mozilla Foundation.This criticism of the company has extended the team stability, stating that often do not distinguish between the Firefox problems for 32 and 64 bits.

The main advantage of a 64-bit operating system is that it has more RAM, which allows for fast data exchange operations with greater speed, to avoid constant access to the hard disk. Overall, this platform improves performance in the use of programs such as Internet access. Firefox is present in 64-bit OS X, Linux and Microsoft, as well as in the 32-bit version.

   Smedberg has held that compilations necessary to keep the browser in 64-bit platform of Windows have been frustrating for months, both for users and engineers.

   Furthermore, the engineer has not reported any problem related to the use of Firefox on OS X and Linux. For Mozilla this is a blow because their customers require in 64-bit Windows to move to a competitive browser . Firefox is now one of the three most popular browsers in the world , along with Internet Explorer and Chrome, which has about 450 million users, according to Mozilla.

   The company also reported problems with an especially vulnerable to attacks by hackers for 32-bit platforms. The problem forced Mozilla to temporarily disable the update version 16 of Firefox.

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