Mozilla announces upgrades to the Thunderbird e-mail

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Mozilla may be popularly known by its browser, Firefox, but about 20 million users around the world also know the company on behalf of Thunderbird , its e-mail service free open source.

Just a month after launching Thunderbird version 13 – the last, a leaked e-mail on Friday (6/7) apparently forced to admit that Mozilla has stopped development of its service e-mails. “Once again we ask: Thunderbird is probably a source of information and leadership to today’s Internet? Or is it just what your users want and what they most need in continuous maintenance,” wrote the president of the Mozilla Foundation, Mitchell Baker, in an official blog post .

The conclusion of Mozilla, it seems, was that “maintaining stability is the most important, continuous innovation and Thunderbird is not the priority in the company’s products,” continued Baker.

Thus, we developed a plan that “provides stability for the current version of Thunderbird and allows the service to continue to evolve, if the community who wish to develop,” he said. Both Sides of the Coin


Specifically, Mozilla will continue to provide maintenance for security updates through theExtended Support Release (ESR), a process similar to what occurs with Firefox , focusing on large companies that use the software.

There is already a version of Thunderbird ESR, and the next update to the software should be released in November. “She will inherit the same feature set as the current version,” Mozilla said in an article in MozillaWiki . “This version is updated every six weeks – the duration of the cycle of ESR to ensure the best possible security and stability to organizations.”

A non-ESR-ons at the same time, will be released with the same functions as ESR and receive an update every six weeks, also for security and stability. However, this version may receive resources over time, but only if the community members choose to work on it.

The news given by Baker echoed through the network and was commented on by Jb Piacentino, managing director of the Thunderbird, in a blog post He noted that Mozilla is increasingly shifting the focus to other projects and mobile services, such as FirefoxOS .

The final plan in September

In fact, as the growing popularity of e-mail services online, it is not surprising to see Mozilla taking this step.

Still, as a longtime user of Thunderbird, I can not help being a little sad. I hope some passionate fans scattered around to embrace the project and keep it alive, but Baker is not confident that this could actually happen.

Anyway, Mozilla is interested in any kind of return, particularly for potential developers interested in the project. The goal is to share the final plan of action until early September.

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