Mountain Lion OS X comes with iWork 25 July 12

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Mountain Lion OS X is ready for the big launch in the Mac App Store . The most likely date for the official release seems to be that of 25 July, the day after the financial conference in which Applewill communicate the results of the last fiscal quarter. After the distribution of the Golden Master , the final version of the new operating system from Apple now seems a matter of days. Along with Mountain Lion is also expected another great new software suite iWork 12 .

The Golden Master version of Mac OS X 10.8 , for developers, should be almost identical to the version for the public that we will see soon on the “shelves” of the Mac App Store. Following the scheme last year, it is likely that Apple launches new OS for the conference call of 24, making the download available the very next day. In the last hours but some argue that the launch date be brought forward to July 19. Whatever the release date, the new OS will cost $ 15.99 and will lead to greater integration of mobile and desktop operating systems.

New applications such as Reminders, Notes, iChat, the center notifications, better integration withicloud … are just some of the innovations that will push millions of users to upgrade. But the news about the Apple world does not end here. The iWork suite of work has not received a major updatefrom far away in January of 2009 and perhaps it is time to move from iWork 11 to iWork 12. The new version of Numbers , Pages and Keynote could be released just in time for the launch of the mountain lion on the Mac App Store.

But where does the rumor of iWork 12? Simple, in the current version of iWork is still the key to saving files on, site always remained in version Beta and will close later this month just to make room for icloud. A greater integration between the suite of apps and icloud could be a central theme of the next release. While Microsoft is expected to grow about Windows 8 and also prepares its Office 15, Apple certainly can not stand and watch. Now we just have to wait the few days that separate us from the date of July 25, to try Mountain Lion , and, hopefully, some other interesting new software.

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