Motorola’s Moto G at 69 euros only

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Motorola strikes a blow with the Moto G, the new smartphone will be sold 169 euros. “We are targeting 500 million people who, next year, buy a smartphone less than 200 euros,” reiterated Dennis Woodside, CEO of Motorola Mobility. It may be even cheaper if the subject grant operators.

Three months after the release of Moto X, Google , which bought Motorola there two years, increases pressure on the smartphone market. Dennis Woodside did not save Apple , explaining that today “the consumer who does not want to spend 600 euros for a good camera has a choice between an iPhone 4, exceeded or a smartphone that does not work well.”But the main target of attacks by Motorola was Samsung , which is a bit surprising. With some 240 million smartphones sold in 12 months, the Korean alone accounts 80% of sales inAndroid , the Google operating system. So far, the U.S. was careful to openly criticize Samsung. This is now done. “For the price of a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can have three Moto G and you’ll have more money,” said Dennis Woodside, after demonstrating the interest of a “pure Android phone without added applications by the manufacturers. ” He had previously said that the Moto X was “the best Android smartphone.” A stroke also brought to its partner LG , which produces the Nexus 4 and 5, the Google brand.

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