Motorola Mobility calls for ban iPad and iPhone

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The world around smartphones and tablet PCs is dominated by patent disputes, which now involved in almost all manufacturers. Now, the Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility calls for a ban iPad and iPhone for patent infringement in the U.S. and has already made a corresponding entry. 

The report from Bloomberg has filed a result of the Group at the International Trade Commission of USA (ITC) filed a complaint against Apple, because the Americans with iPad and iPhone against patents from Motorola Mobility notices. Is affected, inter alia, the voice control Siri. general proposal calls for the payment of royalties and had notified the appropriate requirements and competitor Apple. But the Americans had not been willing to sign a proper license agreement, which is why you have been searching the way to the ITC. The ITC will now say a ban on imports, so that Apple’s products can not import more from Asia to the United States. The dispute between Apple and originally * Motorola * running since 2010 and previously could not agree, the two parties. Apple denies it does not mean you use the patents, but complained only unjustifiably high royalty demands. In addition, it holds against the company, that even this violated its patents Android smartphone from Apple.

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