Motorola adds new improved features to Android devices

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Motorola still continues to  improve their Android devices services . In the first instance, Motorola has included a new voice command to Google Now. To say “Ok, What Google’s New” the phone tell you the time and read aloud your latest notifications. 

The Motorola Migrate application allows to transfer information from your old phone to Moto  X or Moto G.  Serving suggestions from users, the application has been updated to allow the user to select which content transfer. It also automatically import the SIM contacts to the Google account associated with solving a very common among people who migrate to a smartphone problem.

On the other hand, users in Latin America and India having a dual SIM G Moto has enabled an option called Auto Select SIM that comes with the latest Android update KitKat. 

If you usually select a SIM for all outgoing calls, this feature suggests what SIM is more convenient as the one you used to call friends above. Users Moto Dual SIM G can activate from Settings.

The Smart Screen displays now silently know what you want with a touch, and with this update you can enable or disable notifications using vibrating alerts to the sound settings of the phone.Note that you can also control which applications send notifications to the Smart Display? Go to Settings> Smart Display to choose the applications you want.

Finally, Motorola Assist app is now smarter because it has the ability to know when you should not be bothered and support while driving. This update allows you to schedule personal business and still keep taking calls. Is also implemented a significant improvement with respect to the Bluetooth connectivity, allowing more users to integrate Assist with integrated Bluetooth adapters kits for automobiles.

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