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What would you think of a group of people making gestures with chopsticks in a tent in the middle of the parking lot of the South By Southwest Interactive Festival ( SXSW )?

Well, you should think Leap Motion being made a public demonstration of how people can begin interacting with other devices in a more transparent, without mouse or touch screens.

In the shop there are a number of screens with different games: the popular ‘Fruit Ninja’, a maze and finally one that allows paintings.

So far, the Kinect (Microsoft) was the best motion controller. With it, the user is placed six feet away and the device then sends the position of the person in front of him and send it to the computer to play.

Leap Motion version is designed for use sitting a short distance from a laptop or personal.

“The technology was born out of enormous frustration to interact with computers,” says Michael Buckwald, CEO and founder. Although computers are “very different” from those of 30 years ago, he says, the way people interact with them has not evolved.

However, Leap Motion seeks to change this and that people can move naturally to control games, perform office tasks, painting, music and video editing, among other actions.

“Every day we have to make movements with his arms to grab things,” he says. “It is very natural, but very complicated. We want people to interact with the computer. “

Learning to use the current version of Leap Motion may take some time, because we are all used to the gestures and touch screens, if people are in close proximity can be tempted to touch.

The device that costs $ 80 is a bit longer and narrower than a box of matches and works with three LED lights and two cameras that track the movement of the hands. It connects to a PC or Mac and is placed between the user and keyboard.

In addition, Leap Motion has an application store called Airspace, with free and paid APPs of all kinds.

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