More tests shifts the launch of Samsung S-2013 ATIV

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The South Korean Samsung is taking a walkabout with your Samsung Galaxy S3 , a mobile that besides achieving millionaire sales and a high level of satisfaction among its users , has the support of the press , who starts to recognize it as mass the best smartphone of 2012 . However, the intoxication of success is living with this team brings its consequences.

And if you already overtook in recent days that demand Samsung Galaxy S3 could have been the cause of a setback in the time of launch of  Samsung ATIV S , today we bring to the table new evidence to suggest a delay in leaf route that the company was drawn to the coming-out of the first phone with Windows Phone 8.

Samsung ATIV S

Although, as mentioned, had been raised by rumors that the  Samsung S ATIV would not see in stores and distributors before January 2013  . This was stated during the presentation of the team in the region Asia , where currency exchange is put on sale for a price of around 500 euros . Unfortunately, Samsung has not commented about the plans that you have set in the timetable for the arrival of  Samsung ATIV Sto, so we could only hold on to the string of clues.

In a way, the  Samsung ATIV S is a kind of technical steering  Samsung Galaxy S3 toward Windows Phone 8 . Although the design is not strictly the same as winning the smartphone with Android , many of the features present in the  Samsung S ATIV remember, not by chance, the Galaxy S3 . Thus, for example, we ran a screen AMOLED Super HD 4.8 inch and resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels , and aneight-megapixel camera equipped with LED flash and capable of shooting quality videos FullHD . So far, so well.

Samsung ATIV S

However, the differences begin processor. We do not in this case with 4 Quad Exynos quad core 1.4 GHz, but with a unit dual-core at 1.5 GHz . Yeah it takes a GB of RAM , although depending on the internal capacity Samsung ATIV S stays in separate versions for 16 and 32 GB -no 64 GB – allowing, yes, thememory expansion via microSD units up to 32 GB.

In connections, we found everything we hoped for. Or at least, almost everything. Strictly speaking, no complaints: connectivity does not forget 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth or microUSB . Some will I missed an exit miniHDMI , though not itself be understood as a paste to the device, which also has an attractive aluminum frame that gives the set a lot of strength and solidity. ‘ll have to wait patiently, because it is certainly one of Windows Phone 8 to consider.

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