More precise robotic arms of the world will manipulate light

Although not resemble anything like their relatives installed in factories, these can be more precise robotic arms ever built.And they were not designed to interact with matter but with light.The set of 24 robotic arms equipped instrument called KMOS –K-Band Multi Object Spectrometer, or multi-object spectrometer in banda K.

The KMOS will be mounted on the ESO Paranal Observatory (European Southern Observatory) in northern Chile.Once you’re up and running later this year, the unit will help to elucidate, in unprecedented detail, some of the key issues surrounding the formation and evolution of galaxies.

Handlers light

Each of the 24 robotic arms have gold-plated mirrors on their tips.They will be moved with high precision to capture very faint light coming from distant galaxies.The precision required is so large that the set of robotic arms will work in a cryogenic environment, so that no heat can affect its metal frame.

More precise robotic arms of the world will manipulate light

The spectrograph KMOS whole consists of 24 robotic arms that operate in cryogenic environment.

The KMOS be coupled to one of four telescopes comprising the VLT of ESO.When the telescope is focused on an area of the sky, the robot will take care of itself move slightly to capture every fraction of a galaxy’s light.


As every robot, as well as precision, KMOS will speed gains, allowing astronomers to observe galaxies in a much quicker.The instrument is capable of not only mapping various galaxies simultaneously, either in a cluster or alone, but also map various properties of different parts of each galaxy.Today, each galaxy must be identified individually, a process that can take years – KMOS be able to collect the same amount of information in just two months.

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