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Although Windows 8 takes very little time in the market, the giant, Microsoft , and may be working on its new operating system. The new project of the Redmond giant that code is called ” Windows Blue “ could be launched next summer (mid-2013) and bring a number of improvements and new features surpassing the current Windows 8 . Thus, the giant new cycle would begin its annual update to release new operating systems every year, as does Apple with OS X . In a Taiwanese forum Windows has leaked again and even information about a user identifying himself as a charge of Microsoft, which gave some details about the new project.

In a Taiwanese forum Windows operating systems, it has been filtered some more information about the new operating system from Redmond giant, that code is called Windows Blue . In the online site , users have found a user who spoke about the project and could be a charge from Microsoft that runs on your system an  alpha version of the  upcoming Windows and the version number 9200 . Although, surprisingly the user calls this system running Windows 9 , is believed to be referring to the new giant project that would really talking about the new operating system which Microsoft could be working now. The version currently Windows 8 has is also 9200, but according to data provided by the user is supposed to might be a charge of Microsoft running a stage version of the next Windows will not end.

According to what the user says, the next version of Windows will keep the images of known Metro and commissioning of the same screen, so that in this respect no surprises wait, but if you could include changes in the user interface , with the possibility of person Alizar the home screen as well as a wider range of choices of colors also thoroughlycustomizable . Another data offered is that the desktop as we know it in Windows 8 would still be present in the new OS, but have  a more flat and smooth yet, so the taskbar would be translucent and transparent as in Windows 7 .

Finally the user Taiwanese forum mentioned that the new system will have an updated kernel , reaching version 6.3 , so it is believed that the new OS will have some major changes since this kernel version qualifies for this . All these rumors are yet to be confirmed, because although another six months there could be the new operating system, nor are there details, screenshots, and reliable data.

However, Taiwanese forum discussed some user questions are answered by the course identified by Microsoft. Today we can see more information on the net about this new operating system, but for now would just be rumors. For example in The Verge , we speak of “sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans,” which indicate that the release of Windows Blue would be in mid-2013 and that would be very cheap or even free , to thereby ensure the implementation of operating system on most computers from companies and individuals. Again, The Verge offer specifics, but also talk about changes in the user interface as well as standardization or a combination of the SDK for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 , thus simplifying the development of applications between two platforms . If the giant finally decides whether or not to launch a new operating system every year is also seen.

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