Mobiles with Nokia Belle received a new update

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Some time ago we reported about the condition of the Nokia 808 PureView as terminal not only served to showcase the best camera is installed on a mobile, but also to mark an end to launch mobile operating system of the Finnish mobile intelligent. We refer to this platform that debuted in 2010 as Symbian 3 and that its closure has been known as Nokia Belle .



However, even though Nokia did not release official new equipment based on this environment, the ability to upgrade with new features and resources has not fallen on deaf ears. So much so that, as we know fromUnwired View , the latest devices that were circulated with this system, and which reached the newest version, have begun to receive a downloadable package with enhancements to refresh the interface and some solutions that expand terminal profits.

Nokia 808

Specifically, we’re talking about models  PureView Nokia 808, Nokia 700, Nokia 701, Nokia 603, Nokia X7 and Nokia 500 , mobile all these who once could be done with the Feature Pack 2 , which serves as a bridge so they can get new additions these days begin to be felt in the mobile indicated. Other family teams Symbian , such as the  Nokia E7, Nokia C7, Nokia C6-01, Nokia X6 or Nokia N8 does not have at its disposal the update to which we refer, and there is no news about the possible landing package improvements. However, in the coming days could know more details.

What exactly holds smartphones alluded update? Fundamentally, add new resources to the device’s home screen. After downloading and installing the new file, we find that we have at our disposal a small palette of new floating windows ( widgets ) with shortcuts to add real-time information. One of these windows is called Webview , and is neither more nor less than a box from which you can access a web page directly from the desktop, ie without opening the browser application.

Another new widgets is Mirror , a window showing a view captured by the front camera, so that in practice would add a small mirror to the main screen of your mobile phone with Nokia Belle . The third of the recent additions is called Stopwatch , which is basically a timer that is installed on the desktop. Finally, we also add a widget called  Contacts Communication , which comes to quick access to favorite contacts list we have configured to, as a result, recourse to calls or messages to those users in few step.


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