Mobile threats grow by 58% :Symantec

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Symantec has presented today in Madrid its report ‘Internet Security Threat Report 2013’, which analyzed from January to December 2012 the security landscape globally in 157 countries. Taule Joan, CEO of Symantec Spain , explained that this study is “complete, comprehensive, and thorough public because the information comes from our Global Intelligence Network and over 240,000 sensors have tracked for months for threats”.

Mobile Threat-Symantec

Mobile Threat-Symantec

One of the main conclusions of the report is the rise of mobile threats. Sales of devices continue to break records and cyber criminals know there is a lot of information susceptible.This led to mobile threats in 2012 will increase by 58%, accounting for 59% of total threats .It also highlights another fact: in 2011 each virus which numbered some 5 variants recorded, while in 2012 each attack could have up to 38 variants. The malware is multiplied.

Salvador Tapia, CEO of Norton for Spain and Portugal , stressed the importance of “there is no difference between workers and users, because these users will be converted to the way used to attack companies. circulation data Internet is very open, you can never completely controlled therefore cybercriminals are focusing more on users, because if they make a high number of shoplifting obtained significant gains “· And we all currently handle between 1 and 3 devices phones, at least, and they keep personal and professional information that if not properly protected can end up in the wrong hands.

The attacks are becoming more targeted and planned, in fact, these carefully planned offensives increased 42% in 2012 . Particular concern is the case of SMEs, where threats are multiplied by three. Large companies tend to be more prepared for possible intrusions, however, small organizations think that they can not be the goal of anyone because they are not important enough. In percentages, the signatures of more than 2,500 employees agglutinated 50% of the incidents, leaving the other 50% for those that employ between 1 and 2,500 workers. Yes it is distributed, but within that 50% of companies with fewer than 2,500 members grew 31% focused attacks which have less than 250 members .

By sector, the manufacturing was the biggest threats are found in 24% ofmalware , followed by the finance, insurance and real estate (19%), services (17%) and government (12%). The aims companies focused in the areas of R & D (27%), which includes Intellectual Property , and sales (24%), which contains customer information. Managers with 17% completed the podium of the objectives.

Mobile devices increasingly popular among the population, are a focus of ongoing problems. The operating under the Android operating system are the best sellers and, therefore, the most threatened. In 2012, Apple’s iOS platform 387 vulnerabilities reported by the 13 posted in Android. However, when the figures are moved to the devices, the real threats were 103 counted in Android, Apple just 1 . The operating system is not the goal in itself, but the number of users and the information they contain their devices. In the more devices you have of a particular operating system, the more profitable is to design malware to attack.

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