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In a day dominated by digital formats, the celebration of World Book Day can not be limited to paper, although its texture, smell and feel are irreplaceable. Developers have created products so that the reader can enjoy many books from the screen of your smartphone .Here we detail some of the choices that the reader can be decanted.

kindle for iPhone

kindle for iPhone

For Android, there are many platforms that allow you to download free books or buy them cheaply.

From emphasize that believe it or not, some of the best Android applications are free. This is the case of Aldiko Book Reader , free which is a rich supply of free books available in the bookstore, the public domain (those whose copyrights have expired) and Original creations (books written for this platform).

The user interface allows you to adjust the font, size, background colors and other options, which can really enhance your reading experience.Aldiko also has an option for night reading that makes it easier to read at night . Other useful features include tags and bookmarks, dictionary support, and comprehensive text search helps you find words, without leaving the application.

We must be living in isolation from the world of technology to ignore the fact that reading sectro in digital format has been dominated by Amazon and its Kindle. The Kindle is an e-reader “electronic ink” that simulates a page from an ordinary book. Following its success, Amazon has migrated the app to other platforms, iOS and Android somo. For example, offers Kindle for Android and Kindle for iPhone .

It has a simple interface and connects to the user’s account on Amazon, so you can enjoy your library from mobile. Amazon has more than a million titles available, 1,400 of these are free . It also allows you to read the first chapter of a book before deciding whether you buy or not.

Another option for both iOS and Android is Wattpad, one application that is described as “the world’s largest community of readers and writers. ” Beyond the catchy titles and Best Sellers, is an app where you can read thousands of books novice writers worldwide. In its official information point having a database of over 10 million shares. Allows sharing books through social networks or upload your own text. It has options off line reading, auto-scroll and night mode.

Options are also officers, as iBooks , Apple’s official library, where you can buy books or Google Books , which amounts to the same thing in Android.

Kobo is also an app available for both platforms and like their peers, their download is free but not all content is. It has a very clean interface that allows you to read easily and allows login through Facebook account.

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