Microsoft’s profits fall to PC sales shrink

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 Software giant Microsoft on Thursday reported a drop in earnings for the first fiscal quarter due to lower sales of computers running its operating system and a deferral of certain revenue prior to the release of its Windows and Office updates.

   The largest software company in the world said its quarterly profit fell to 4,470 million dollars (3,420 million), or $ 0.53 (0.40 euros) per share, from $ 5740 million (4,391,000 of euros), $ 0.68 (0.52 euros) per share, for the same period of 2011.

   The sales fell 8 percent to 16,010 million dollars (12.249 million euros), partly due to a fall in demand for personal computers with Windows operating since consumers or postponed new purchases given the difficult economy or chose instead to acquire ‘tablets’.

   The decline in sales was exaggerated by the deferral of certain revenue that Microsoft will recover next quarter.

Microsoft expects PC sales revive next week when it launches its new Windows 8 .

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