Microsoft will release an update to Windows Phone 8 in December

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Christmas season is coming and Microsoft , as all the big brands, is working hard to launch their new products and brand new. 

We refer, of course, a Windows Phone 8 , but the fact is that the tablets, computers and other operating systems, Microsoft expects you as winter moved. Today we pay special attention to the launch of  Windows Phone 8 and updates will be announced shortly. And, though the platform has not yet completed its deployment , some users of the terminals available and have started to notice the odd hiccup . It’s nothing serious, according to Microsoft , but this problem can be quite annoying for users who are working with their phone and suddenly look like, without notice, the phone restarts. Fortunately, in Redmond and has located the problem and a solution set that will be available soon. If the schedule is met, the impact it will have been resolved this December .

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The Redmond company has announced that it has a solution software that come via OTA (Over The Air) , that is, without having to connect the phone to the computer with a USB cable , from next December. Microsoft took the opportunity to mention that investigations are still ongoing, but did not say specifically what caused the problem and what might be affecting devices. In any case, it seems that this is a minor problem , and the solution is just around the corner. It must be said, moreover, that is not the only update to be submitted to the Windows Phone 8 . Although some devices like the Nokia Lumia 920 or Nokia Lumia 820 are not yet on the market (most likely come from next week to Spain ),Microsoft is already working on future updates . Some updates that could land on all phones withWindows Phone 8 next year. forecasts point to February , right in the context of Mobile World Congress 2013 .

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The first update to arrive during the first quarter of 2013 will be named Apollo Plus and most likely, according to the middle Unwired View , is to be present at the fair mobile Barcelona , in the event thatMicrosoft would have its own space be presenting its developments concerning the sector. They talk about major improvements, such as the integration of a new notification center , which would thus help – no doubt – managing user communications. Right now, it seems that Microsoft engineers are working hard tocome up with a new system to improve the integration of applications with other device functions. This is a major change that would set a precedent on the platform, as often happens with successful progress.Logically, of Redmond thick reserve major update to the improvement s and the correction of errors, something that usually happens in all packages firmware born with the vocation to move in the right direction.

It is possible that in the coming days we will have more details to us about the nature of this update and the correction that should be shortly sent to users who already have a terminal with Windows Phone 8 .Owners of devices with Windows Phone 7.5 also are expecting a major upgrade: the Windows Phone 7.8 , scheduled for next month in December , although many voices pointed to an immediate release.Keep you informed.

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