Microsoft will disappear in five or ten years and Facebook in three

The president of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE), Karsten Gerloff, has reported that ” Google and Facebook are products, not customers “and has warned that those same companies,” without warning, are nurturing the secret services “. It has also held that ” Microsoft will disappear in five or ten years “and Facebook, into three.

In his speech, delivered at the Euskal Encounter which runs through Sunday at the BEC in Barakaldo (Bizkaia), Gerloff has criticized the multinational companies and has said that “some corporations steal our information. We do not just give them data but also our confidence as we thought it will protect our privacy. ” However, it has been reported that these same companies, “without warning, are nourishing to the secret services.” “Your data is the product that sells Google”, he warned.

The international expert added that these multinationals “have caught our computers, our networks, and above have built control structures ” , and explained that this division of labor “Facebook defines who we are. Amazon establishes what we want and Google determines what we think “.



FSFE president has described the current situation of “treason” and gave as an example “delivery by Yahoo of confidential customer information to the Chinese government ” . “Now they do it all,” he lamented.

He also lashed out against political leaders , who censors his “total lack of conscience” in matters relating to basic human rights. “Once we have understood how the internet works, they have become a tool of oppression. Now know that we listen, we are not free,” he complained.

Still, do not see so clearly the future of these companies. “If Google wants to survive long term, will have to reinvent itself . Microsoft have not already done so. So I think it will go away in five or ten years, ” said. On the other hand, considered that when Facebook “go downhill, it will be very fast.” “A Facebook him three years.’s A mathematical law. Happened to MySpace and I know it will happen again, “he predicted.

The aim of the foundation is to “make people aware that you can decide what will be the technology of tomorrow and what kind of world we will live.” Therefore, the German expert has said that “we must always be alert and observe the new systems. ” “You have to ask: Who is in charge?”. She also stated that “you can do simple things” to avoid this control, such as building systems “that have no central point of control, in which each of us talk to each other. That is no longer a utopia” has senanado.

Therefore, Gerloff encourages everyone “to put a server in each house. Routers, for example, can function as small servers”. In this way, he said, “it would be possible to take other steps, such as leaving Facebook, or change the email to a small company.” “The software free gives us all the tools to do it, “he assured.

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