Microsoft updates Windows Azure completing its offering in the Cloud

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Microsoft today unveiled the most significant update to Windows Azure since its launch in 2010: the possibility of offering it as Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS), so that companies can move their applications easily and quickly to the cloud, saving time and money “This is a big step for Microsoft to become the only company able to market a full range of cloud at all possible levels,”explains Luis Miguel Garcia de la Oliva , director of the Division of Microsoft Servers and Infrastructure Iberian.

Windows Azure

Windows Azure

As commented Garcia de la Oliva, Windows Azure has 1,000 new customers per day globally, which ” marked a milestone in our strategy in the cloud, as we now have a fully supported solution capabilities and infrastructure as a service platform as a service and which together provide increased performance and unmatched experience for the company. “
This launch makes Microsoft the only provider of cloud computing to provide a solution capable of full and hybrid integrating existing IT infrastructure with public cloud benefits .

The new features of Windows Azure
More than 200,000 customers worldwide and nearly one billion users in Azure Services80 market is the best guarantee of the company to present this new update with which customers can use infrastructure as a service to retain their existing on-premise investments ,“taking advantage that the cloud presents in terms of economy, speed and scalability,” says Garcia de la Oliva. The Windows Azure infraestructutra services include network and virtual machines so that any company can develop and test new applications or move existing local facilities to the cloud quickly and safely.

The benefits of the new update of Windows Azure are summarized as:

– Scalability, on-demand infrastructure for applications . Windows Azure drastically reduces the waiting time in providing IT resources for deploying applications and infrastructure. In fact, it allows the user to scale their own application based on Windows or Linux as needed, paying only for the use of the hosting .

– Connecting hybrid infrastructure services with a single identity , leveraging each company equipment while enjoying innovation in the cloud.

– Rapid innovation using infrastructure services for development and testing . The user accesses a test lab in minutes.

– SharePoint services infrastructure in Windows Azure without large capital investments.

– Robust SQL Server infrastructure , thanks to the Windows Azure virtual machines, which provide a solid foundation with full support for this database server.

     ” What really matters to businesses is that they are always available, your data safe and talented people that make the organization think only about how to improve the business, “says Garcia, who adds:“The best way to get is the cloud, which is why many companies are considering cloud computing as the better option “ . The director of Servers and Infrastructure Division at Microsoft makes this claim based on the success they have reaped the previews of Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service , with about 1.4 million virtual machines created, and a study of Forrester , who notes that about 40% of large and medium enterprises plan to adopt private cloud size and over 20% is proposed to adopt some form of public cloud.

Today’s announcement means that Microsoft is in direct competition with Amazon Web Services in the Infrastructure as a Service offering. In this regard, the company has committed to match the prices of this company, which is doubling in growth, basic services such as bandwidth, storage and computing. ” Many Amazon customers will be passed to Windows Azure for the benefits we provide, “ concludes Garcia de la Oliva.

Some of the major account customers and public sector these services are operated, Panda Security, the towns of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Ford, NASA, eBay, 3M, AXA , etc.


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