Microsoft tries to improve compatibility with IMAP in Outlook 2013

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Microsoft has decided to improve the compatibility of Outlook 2013 with IMAP protocol , a protocol used by mail servers to establish communications with the user. The company Windows will attempt to provide a more appropriate service to what is expected in a mail client with the popularity and relevance of OutlookThis will result mainly in a higher yield when the program to carry out the synchronization of the e-mails in the second plane . But we have also included the option to receive notifications when new mail arrives.We tell you all the details of these improvements that Microsoft has decided to deploy the protocol to IMAP in Outlook 2013 .

In its official blog , the company explains that these changes taking place in Outlook 2013 (it is speculated that the new office platform for Microsoft to come in January next year) are a response to requests that have been submitted by users. One of the main changes will be found in the program’s performance when there are downloads new emails through protocol IMAP . So far, the operation of the program was limited much when there was downloading the new emails, and the user must wait until the end of this process you can use the program normally.


Through improvements included in Outlook 2013 , emails are downloaded in the background so you no longer need to stop using the client during the process. Another improvement in which we have worked is the ability to set the age limit of emails that are downloaded to the client, such as three months, six months or a year. This option can be useful for people who use a network that has low bandwidth or is restricted (eg in the field of some corporate networks). In addition, the new Outlook will notifications to alert users when there is the arrival of new messages to the tray.

Of course, Microsoft has not added all options expected in its new Outlook 2013 . One of the big absences will be unable to use the feature of IMAP to download only the headers of emails (and then to download the message when the user clicks on the message). By using this type of feature is useful when downloading no annoying spam, one of the great scourges affecting today’s network. On the other hand, it has come to add support for categories that the user stored in a computer to differentiate messages can besaved to the server (so we can have the same categories as other equipment that we use in Outlook 2013 ).

In short, the company has undertaken a series of major improvements to the protocol IMAP (a communication protocol more complete and faster than POP3 ) that will improve the performance of the new Outlook 2013 , but have been somewhat short . The office suite  Office 2013 should be a turning point for the company, as this office suite will also adopt the proper design of Windows 8 . Let’s wait to see the reception you have this platform in the field of business, traditionally more reluctant to adopt such changes.

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