Microsoft Touch Mouse for Windows 8 recognizes finger gestures

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Microsoft brings a PC mouse on the market that has been optimized specifically for the new Windows 8th The Microsoft Touch Mouse namely responds to different finger gestures.

Microsoft, the Microsoft mouse touch optimized specifically for the new operating system Windows 8th The multi-touch mouse features a touch-sensitive sensor plate, which allows you to quickly and accurately navigate on Windows 8 computer, such as the Redmond company promised. By different finger movements (finger gesture) on the touch surface of the mouse commands are issued, the interactions will accelerate with the new operating system this finger gestures are recognized by Microsoft Touch Mouse:
* One finger: The user navigates through documents (for example, scroll and scroll through apps) 
* Two Fingers: Open windows to maximize zoom /, are minimized and restored. 
* Three Finger: The user can either view all the programs simultaneously or Desktop view go back.
Microsoft Touch Mouse


Thanks to Microsoft BlueTrack technology is obsolete as a mouse pad base, meet any work area should, therefore, the mouse responds accurately. So should the Tpuch mouse can for example easily use in the kitchen (if you’re looking at the Windows 8 tablet for recipes), or on the coffee table (if you use the entertainment features of Windows 8).  Windows 8 customized Microsoft Touch Mouse is available from early September .
Microsoft is developing alongside the Touch Mouse still more specifically for Windows 8 optimized hardware. For example, a wedge-Mobile Keyboard with protective cover, a wedge Touch Mouse with four-way touch scroll wheel and a keyboard wedge Mobile. All of these peripheral devices are connected via Bluetooth to your Windows PC-8.

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