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Talk about the steady popularity of the operating system Windows RT , released about a month ago, it is still too early. Similarly, it is impossible to predict how demand will be a new “axis” for commercial success.

However, it is now clear: if now buy a tablet computer Microsoft Surface RT with the aforesaid operating system, support for Microsoft (release patches and improvements) are warranted for the next five years (until April 2017 inclusive). Such information is disseminated resource ZDNet , citing the support site Microsoft.

It remains unclear following circumstance: will support Microsoft be holistic (on the same code base and other gadgets announced by Acer, ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, etc.), or refers to a tablet computer Surface.

Be that as it may, this long term support should add confidence to users Surface RT and “cause” of potential buyers to purchase the tablet. Moreover, the first package “patches” for this device, which improves performance and increases battery life, already released.

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