Microsoft Surface puts price on Windows 8 Pro

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Microsoft has announced that its hybrid models Surface Pro with Windows 8 will start selling in January 2013. The company also reported the price of the terminal, which will be available from $ 899, ie EUR 692.6.

Surface is Microsoft’s own commitment to the market for tablets. The company began marketing the device at the premiere of Windows 8, October 26, in some markets.

However, the two models announced, Microsoft only began marketing the Windows version with RT . A month later, Microsoft has confirmed the release date of Windows 8 Pro model, which has more powerful hardware. Specifically, the device will go on sale in January 2013, but has not specified the list of countries .

Microsoft has specified that interested parties may gain device in two options, with 64 or 128 GB of storage capacity . As for the price, the Surface model Windows 8 Pro with less capacity will be available for $ 899 (692.6 EUR). As for the 128 GB model, the price will be $ 999 (769.7 EUR). In both cases the covers created by Microsoft for the device will be sold separately.

Microsoft has highlighted the advanced hardware of the device, which is above the RT model with Windows. The company explained that with Windows 8 Surface Pro has 10.6-inch screen, Intel Core i5 processor and is capable of running Windows 7 desktop. This is a more advanced and powerful equipment, which lets you get the full potential of Windows 8 Pro.

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