Microsoft Surface Pro 64 GB only have 23 GB available

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The most powerful version of the tablet from Microsoft , also known as Microsoft Surface Pro , has not really with the memory space that is advertised. And this situation occurs in the 64GB model as in the version that says 128 GB space . Apparently, the operating system with all installed applications take up more than half the storage space of the first model.


The next February will be released in the United States, the most powerful version of Microsoft’s first tablet.Currently already could get known under the name of Microsoft Surface RT bearing installed Windows RT, a shortened version of the new platform of Redmond. However, this new model brings more power to the hardware and get take a full version of Windows 8 .

Microsoft Surface Pro 23GB memory

But, as says The Verge , the issue of internal storage will have a problem: all the space reported in its listing of technical specifications will not be available to the user . How can this happen? Becausegigabytes are declared without installing the operating system , ie: Microsoft aims to be versions of 64 and 128 GB of internal space, but always as if it were a hard disk “virgin”.

However, according to an official of the U.S. company, the operating system, installed applications and system restore tools occupy a good storage space . It appears that the figure will reach 41 GB in the first model , leaving a total space of 23 GB. Meanwhile, in the most powerful version is 45 GB : the figure would drop to 83 GB of available space of 128 GB which states Microsoft .

In Spain, for now, will go on sale the first model that takes months in circulation in the United States. Andthis new model could be a version comparable to what they get the ultrabooks the moment. Albeit with a screen diagonal of 10.6 inches and getting a full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels).

Mind you, there are large differences between the model and the RT Surface Surface Pro: the first is based on a processor quad-core Tegra 3, while the second model , which will be released on February 9, will be based on Intel Core i5 processor , a more likely platform of computers that touch tablets.

Meanwhile, other major differences is multitouch screens. Although both have the same measure, the simplest model has five pressure points and the top model will go twice, 10 pressure points .

But perhaps what decant the final choice between one or the other model is the price. The model RT Surface arrive on 14 February with a starting price of 480 euros . Meanwhile, the price of the new version to be launched next month, will hit the market with a price of $ 900.

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