Microsoft seeks patent for Kinect glasses

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Microsoft has filed a patent for intelligent glasses that match the filter prototype a year ago called “Kinect Glasses.” According to the resources,the patent application was made ​​in early 2012 and it is not until now that the documents have appeared.

In these documents describes a mobile device like glasses that allows the game among several people . It could invite other users to only move.

Kinect Glasses

Kinect Glasses

The illustrations show application glasses that influence each set of sensors that would enable other users to locate, recognize gestures and read the player’s environment.

Several Microsoft employees names are in these documents, and these two are responsible for the Xbox division. In the presentation of Xbox One leaked a document on an Xbox 720 that included references to a device called Kinect Glasses (Project Fortaleza). This gadget would be enabled Wi-Fi or 4G and augmented reality, similar to the Google Glass.

According to this document, the glasses should be on the market in 2014 , after which were to start selling the new Xbox.

Microsoft, like other major technology, introduces each month patent applications on devices in which teams of engineers are working, however, this does not mean that they develop all these terminals.

In November last year Microsoft patenting other augmented reality glasses but with a different purpose, to provide real-time information while watching a concert or sporting event.

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