Microsoft revealed Quanta Compute Plug, an adapter sized computer

It is the age of technology where the size of every multimedia devices is decreasing. But since the first computers appeared, the obsession with reducing its size has not stopped. Although the eternal struggle of the size, thickness and cooling remains a constant in the world of laptops and decide to end the philosophy of a computer that fits in your pocket. But it is not the only one, because in this technological war to show who gets less, Quantum ADSL also appeared.

Hidden in the wall charger case which is actually a powerful computer, connecting its HDMI input to a monitor or TV, the Compute Plug has very little space with sufficient requirements to run office programs, Internet surfing or see series or movies. In reality, much more data are not known about it, but after its presentation at the hands of Nick Parker, vice president of the OEM Microsoft, we discovered some interesting points about this strange computer.

The Compute plug has two USB 3.0 ports and an HDMI port. It would come with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity, although little has been given in terms of specifications (since it is an OEM product, the final specifications therefore depend on the actual marks). Microsoft also plans to make this PC as a living computer that is controlled using Cortana remote control or via a Bluetooth headset, but it is possible to use it as a standard desktop computer with a mouse and keyboard.

Microsoft introduced the Compute Plug in a demonstration during its keynote address at Computex 2015 in Taiwan.

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