Microsoft renames its advertising platform in Yahoo Bing Network

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Microsoft renames its AdCenter ads in Bing and the entire advertising platform in Yahoo Bing Network to. The functionality of all tools seem to remain unchanged, it is obviously just a name change.

Search Engine Land first noticed an announcement of Microsoft, which was subsequently withdrawn. Meanwhile, several official websites with the new names online. The network includes not only Microsoft and Yahoo, but also partner sites such as Facebook, Amazon, the job board Monster, CNBC, Viacom and The Wall Street Journal Digital Network.

“The robust Yahoo Bing Network reaches 151 million users in the U.S., which is likely to produce 24 percent more than the average user and 5 percent more than Google users in the U.S.,” promises the announcement of Microsoft’s. “This means that you can reach 46 million unique users in the U.S., operating in non-Google. Similarly, it is also the world is with 489 million unique users, of whom 92 million not Google. “

By renaming Microsoft Yahoo is ahead of its brand Bing, although Microsoft provides the search technology. This may seem surprising, but Yahoo is the employee for support and ad sales behind the network.

At the same time it was announced that Microsoft has signed an agreement to make Bing the default search on the upcoming Amazon Kindle Fire tablet HD. With the announced campaign “Bing It On,” the software giant is also seeking to increase its share of the search market.Microsoft expert on Mary Jo Foley asked a Microsoft manager for the meaning of these efforts and learned that an increased proportion of the search is essential in order to improve Microsoft’s position in the online advertising market.

The man behind Microsoft’s Bing strategy and probably the rebranding of the advertising platform is Mark Penn, who was hired in July as a corporate vice president. He is responsible for strategic questions about Microsoft’s consumer projects, reporting directly to CEO Steve Ballmer. Penn previously worked as a campaign strategist, adviser in the Clinton administration, pollsters and CEO of the public relations firm Burson-Marsteller. Microsoft hopes of him a turn after its Bing search engine, despite investing billions still lags far behind Google.

Strategist Penn sees the challenge in the Bing marketing similar to that of a political candidate, and Steve Ballmer could impress with this comparison. Users of search engines träfen therefore an election like a political decision. “Inveterate habits can be called into question,” he told theWall Street Journal . “As also in Coke, was the people drank, but then realized that Pepsi just as good, if not better.”

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