Microsoft released Visual Studio 2012 and. NET 4.5

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Microsoft has introduced the integrated development environment Visual Studio 2012 and. NET 4.5 officially. MSDN subscribers were able to download final versions before. The current Visual Studio should be suitable for the development of advanced applications – “for connected devices and always available services, from the client to the cloud.”

The spokesman for the keynote themed trends in modern app development, the basics of developing and managing the application lifecycle with Visual Studio 2012th In a blog post this is Soma Somasegar, corporate vice president of Microsoft’s developer division responsible for the full range of updated platforms in that year. You rich Windows 8 on Windows Phone 8 for Windows Server 2012, Windows Azure to SQL Server and Office 365 They all allowed the creation or modernization of impressive apps, Visual Studio 2012 and constitutes the center of it all.


Visual Studio Express 2012 offers free tools for developing desktop applications for Windows 8 (Image: Microsoft)



“Our tools let developers who program for these platforms, prepare for a streamlined experience to create exciting and surpassing customer expectations apps – regardless of whether the apps to consumers or business users depend,” he writes. With the “consumerization” of IT, the expected user apps with greater diversity and more interaction – and also with business applications used the same experience as their private apps. In conjunction with Visual Studio. NET 4.5 extend the capabilities of developers working on various forms of apps and services.

Somasegar also announced regular updates for Visual Studio. The first is to come later this month as a Community Technology Preview (CTP), and later this year, as the final version. Approval was also announced in June, Visual Studio Express 2012 for Windows Desktop. This free version also allows for the development of desktop applications for Windows 8 Microsoft originally intended to only provide free developer tools for Windows RT and the “Metro” interface of Windows 8, but apparently responded to criticism from developers and changed his plans.

At the launch of Visual Studio 2012 at the conference TechEd Australia 2012 , Microsoft evangelist Rocky Heckman tried striking inspire the attending developers for apps. “We have all these different developers who have chosen invariably be the new rock stars,” he said. “Before, everyone wanted to join a rock band, now everyone wants to create an app.”

He also outlined the advantage to put in the development of the cloud. With it could also smaller developers on the same type of infrastructure, such as Fortune 500 companies access. “Much has been designed in Visual Studio to use these cloud benefits easily in one application can,” he praised. “This would be linked to authentication, these stories with Facebook and Gmail, simply by incorporating some lines of code in a Visual Studio library. These things will inspire the upcoming App Explosion. “

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