Microsoft redesigns the Outlook calendar

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has renewed the calendar  Outlook . The company from Redmond has announced via its blog that it has redesigned the interface , the calendar that all users of Windows and Windows Phone are offered free of charge, to synchronize your appointments, meetings, birthdays and tasks pending. 



As you can see from the pictures and check on , the calendar presents a faster performance and a completely new, fresh, intuitive and very similar to new look that has the Microsoft platform . Upgrading to arrive in a few days. In fact, of Redmond has already announced that the renovation will be progressively extended to all users. Currently, it seems still not ready, but could reach the owners of these calendars in a few hours. We have already had occasion to try it.

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First we have to show that there are some changes in aesthetics , but the fact is that we will find many improvements in the field of management own calendar. From now on, users can browse and learn more quickly, add or edit events with a single click and to get appointments with just drag the mouse across thetime range they occupy or by clicking on the specific date . We find it easier to add tasks withoutopening a new page or jump to a specific date by clicking on the specific day.

The timing, of course, does not work only through the website. In fact, uses Exchange ActiveSync to synchronize e-mail, calendar and address book of all your equipment. This includes  smartphones or tablets . You can join hands with Outlook 2013 and integrate the calendar even with earlier versions of the software ‘s desktop Outlook .

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But that’s not all. And the system will allow us to connect our Microsoft account the most used social networks: Skype , LinkedIN and Facebook are so compatible that even be synchronized with thebirthdays of your friends , which will now be integrated automatically in the pages of the calendar. Within each day will also see the weather forecast , depending on your region or destination of your choice (to go on vacation, for example). You can import calendars or subscribe to public calendars to see the days of your favorite sports, the national holidays of a country, and so on. You have a lot of proposals. So much so that you can even import a calendar from Google by clicking on the Import , located at the top of the page.

If you also want to share the calendar you can do normally. You only have to click on the button Share with friends, family and co-workers, if needed, for people who want to act as co-owners of the calendar , to edit some quotes or just to take a look at the calendar.

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