Microsoft provides Fix It for Office after Hacker’s attack

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  Technology giant Microsoft on Tuesday released a software fix after warning that hackers exploited a security hole in the program group Office to infect users’ computers with documents Word contaminated.

   The software developer said on its website on the Internet that launched the “patch”, known as ‘Fix It’, as a temporary solution until you provide an update that will automatically repair the failure of computers to protect against new threats.

Microsoft learned of an amount “very limited” attacks that exploited the newly discovered vulnerability, mainly in the Middle East and South Asia. The company did not identify the victims, who received emails asking them contaminated open Word documents.

The security breach affects customers using the Office 2003 and Office 2007 , as well as those running the Office 2010operating systems Windows XP or Server 2003 .

The attacks exploit a flaw undiscovered or zero-day vulnerability in industry jargon, which is usually used only against a limited number of targets of high value in an attempt to keep it a secret.

Typically, when developers of widely used software programs emit a warning for a zero-day bug , hacker groups are quick to reverse engineer the virus corrections to exploit the same vulnerabilities.

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