Microsoft prepares upgrade program prior to Office 2013

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The first details about update options of Microsoft Office 2010 to Office 2013 are available.  According to the manufacturer guarantees from 19 October free or discounted upgrades. Who between this date and 30 April next year, Office 2010, acquires at least get a discount on Office 2013th

Official dates for the end of the tests (RTM) or the availability of Microsoft Office 2013 has not been announced yet. As RTM call insider November 2012, February as launch date 2013thTechNet and MSDN subscribers will probably get the software in this case shortly after RTM.

The figures seem plausible gave interim Office 2007 and Office 2010, it also has a seven-month transition period . Microsoft offered the update for purchases in this time period to be free of charge. That could change, however, this time, when in Microsoft Office as Windows moves. Who second namely Windows 7 between June 2012 and 31 January 2013 purchases can later upgrade for 14.99 euros on Windows 8 Professional. A similar upgrade in favor of Vista had been free. has for the Office upgrade program also receive the following screen shots, which should be temporarily been live on the supply side to Office. Meanwhile, they are there but no longer available.

According to certain editions of Office 2010 a free upgrade to certain Office 2013 versions is possible – for example, from “Home and Student 2010” on either “Home and Student 2013” or “Office 365 Home Premium 2013” – or even of “Professional 2010. “to” Professional 2013 “or the aforementioned Office-365-Edition

Office 365 can be installed on up to five systems in which Macs can be (with virtualization or Boot Camp). It is generally available as an everlasting one year subscription. The traditional office licenses are bound to a single Windows system.

Microsoft will not comment on the details of the current date.

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