Microsoft plant battle Apple and Google duopoly with Windows Phone 8

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Microsoft has just given the go-ahead to its Windows Phone 8, the mobile operating system to hit the market before the end of the year and the largest manufacturer of the world’s software market intends to fight the two giants of the business: Apple, with its iOS, and Google Android.The challenge is enormous because it may be the last chance for Microsoft to really become an alternative to the dominant duopoly.

The U.S. company is reluctant to believe that the software market for smartphones is about two players, and has therefore decided to put all the resources at their disposal to gain a foothold with relevant platforms Recuperation and Mountain View.

The presentation announcement was made simultaneously worldwide, led by the top executives of the multinational from San Francisco (USA) who claim that the first devices with Windows Phone 8 will initially forms Nokia s through with its Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 , and HTC Phone 8X and 8S. then will join other manufacturers like Samsung, LG and Huawei, among others.

Among the great contributions of Windows Phone 8 protrudes its ability to interact with the PC, tablet and mobile, all of them “by serving users, so that the contents are accessible from any Windows” , says Brice Crabbe, Director of Mobility at Microsoft.

Microsoft also responsible for ensuring that one of the big advantages of the new software are the customization options that allow users to adapt the terminal to their tastes and preferences, as well as “the ability to modify the size of the Live Titles, showing real-time information on services, contacts and interaction with social networks “. Broadly speaking, the novelty can know at a glance the latest posts on Facebook, Twitter or IM contacts.

Crop to Apple and Android

The immediate objective of the company directed Steve Ballmer is to shorten the distance with the leaders, forcing the Microsoft Mobility division to grow very fast in a very short time and thus trigger its current market share of 7%. Meanwhile, Apple and Google are distributed between 87 and 83% of the sector, either in the U.S. or Europe.

Analysts estimate that the market for mobile platforms there is no room for a third competitor that has no more than 10% of the overall pie , and that pulse can not rule out a BlackBerry, who also played with Windows life identical career.

The company, which on Friday put on sale its Windows 8, and now does the same with a smartphone software that highlights its versatility, safety and ease of use.

Connection made in Microsoft

With Windows Phone 8, devices can interact and work together, regardless of the device being used, whether PC, tablet, smartphone or Xbox. In this improvement, Microsoft uses the VHD SkyDrive, with 7 GB of free storage in the cloud, to store photos, videos, contacts and documents with Office, all conveniently encryption.

Furthermore, the new OS platform makes space to what the company called Kids Corner, where children can access an environment designed and prepared for them. That way, parents can select the contents, the preferred home screen.

Windows Phone 8 also places great expectations in so-called Salas, novelty “features a private place to share content with closed groups such as family, friends and coworkers.”Thus, “it will be possible to exchange messages, share photos, a task list or calendar, for example, with the comfort of knowing that the contents are restricted to members of each room,” explained Microsoft fonts.

Furthermore, the new OS makes hole in its platform to what the company calls ‘Kids Corner’, where children can access an environment designed and prepared for them. That way, parents can select the contents, the preferred home screen.

Those responsible for Microsoft hope to enjoy in the coming months of a very important development in terms of quality and quantity of applications, since programmers only need to change the size and resolution of the apps for different devices without special technical complications. “It will be like doing a two for one”, explained Microsoft technicians, which will “facilitate the departure of the app store Windows Phone Market. Currently there are over 120,000 applications available.

For the professional segment, the new operating system and applications included free productivity services such as Outlook and Office Mobile. Moreover, large corporations can have a ‘business hub’ offering “a way for employees to access a restricted environment and booked to find information and apps Line of Business (LOB) specific for it.

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