Microsoft patent records inductive charger

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Although a set format for wireless charging still remains in the air, the fact is that many manufacturers have come up with proposals, such as Microsoft. The company recently registered a patent for a kind of “tablet” capable of carrying many different devices – including other features for those times when nothing is being loaded.

Regarding the technology used for loading, there really is not anything new. This is in keeping gadget charger and similar frequencies, which ultimately amplify the energy efficiency of the process – one of the main criticisms with regard to the inductive load. Moreover, the process still allows more than one device to be loaded simultaneously.

To facilitate the use, Microsoft patent further includes a pressure sensor to detect when an appliance is placed on the surface. There are also different accommodations for every type of gadget – smartphones or tablets.

Moreover, the documents still bring a display located opposite the surface inductive. The idea is to give the “pad” additional utility for those times when nothing is being charged – which will be identified with the aid of a built-in gyroscopeAnyway, the question is how far the company plans to take the project.


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