Microsoft Outlook for Android renews its design

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With a completely redesigned interface style Windows Metro , Microsoft Outlook for Android now includes conversation threads, the ability to filter messages to show those who have not been read or function marking the messages.

outlook for android

outlook for android

On these options also adds the ability to mark messages as spam, and that was absent in previous reviews of the product, and product localization into Spanish.

However, the product has yet another set of features that many users find essential.

Such is the case of the inability to resize the text are displayed in the user interface, or the lack of configuration options that allow the program to simultaneously manage more than one account on Hotmail . Precisely this makes it not an option for those who use more than one email account free from Microsoft.

According to user feedback, which can be read in the Google Play Store , it is at least somewhat paradoxical that some features absent in the various iterations of Outlook itself were implemented in the previous Hotmail app now defunct.

Outlook for Android is compatible with version 2.2 or later operating system.

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