Microsoft opens Windows Store for developers

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Microsoft’s Windows Store is now available in 82 additional countries and is open to all developers since yesterday – whether individuals or companies. Total now 120 stores are operated..

To reward developers “for their interest in and commitment to Windows”, Microsoft announcedthat all legitimate MSDN subscribers receive a free yearly account for the Windows Store as part of their MSDN benefits. Subscribers are entitled Visual Studio Professional, Test Professional, Premium, Ultimate and BizSpark. Also, participants in the student program DreamSpark save the annual fee for the Windows Store.

Home of the Windows Store (Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft provides developers with a range of free resources, guidance and tools to. These include tools for Visual Studio 2012, a Windows-8-one for Windows SDK Zertifizierungskit RT and sample code. You can from the MSDN Web site for download.

The app marketplace is available since February as a preview. Among the five countries, Germany was starting next to France, India, Japan and the USA. With the launch of Windows 8 on 26October, Microsoft would then support 200 countries and 100 currencies. complete list is available on a MSDN help page.

The completion of Windows 8 Windows Store in early August around 450 apps for the ARM version of Windows RT were available on the run any traditional Windows applications. According to Microsoft watcher Wes Miller , there are now over 1,000 programs. For most of them are games and other offerings for the home, which, given the focus of Windows 8 is not surprising on the consumer sector.

Microsoft looks for applications in the Windows store before a price range from 1.49 to 999.99 dollars, if they are not offered for free. Of revenue reserves just like Apple in its App Store, a 30 percent. If an app but could amount to over $ 25,000 in sales, Microsoft’s share is reduced to 20 percent. For sales in the Windows Store developers need one year membership. It costs $ 49 for individuals and for companies like Apple $ 99.

End of October to Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond is the Windows developer conferenceBuild 2012 instead of where the company will announce further details on app development for Windows 8 announced.

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