Microsoft officially launched Skype for the Web

Microsoft continues to make changes with all its products and enhancing technology. On Monday, the firm has made ​​a beta version of Skype for the Web users worldwide. For now the platform only works on four browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox. And even then, you’ll have to install a plug-in to make and receive calls . Fortunately, the developers are working on a solution that will soon eliminate the requirement of such a plug-in.

Skype for the Web is a similar experience to that of the desktop application, with features such as audio and video calls, video conferencing and instant messaging.

Jonathan Watson of Microsoft says Skype for the Web is perfect if you often use the service on your phone, but you want to quickly receive calls and instant messages on a larger screen. He added that it might also be useful if you are sitting at a Windows or Mac computer in an Internet cafe or a hotel that does not already have Skype . But we must not forget that at this time you still need a hassle plug-in, a potentially problematic situation if public computer owners do not allow the download.

Skype was launched way back in 2003 and is still extremely popular and best for video and voice communications – it is not surprising if one considers that the platform has a user base of over 300 million people. Another related project that has received much attention is Skype Translator that translates the conversation in another language almost instantly.

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