Microsoft Office confirms that iOS and Android will reach in 2013

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Microsoft has confirmed that there will be a version of Office for iOS and Android . At a company event in the Czech Republic has confirmed the arrival of native Office applications for the two mobile systems. Launch is expected to occur from the month of March 2013.

The arrival of iOS and Android Office has been surrounded by speculation and rumors . At first it was doubted that Microsoft decided to take that step, later commenting that the application would be almost ready. After so many comments, Microsoft itself has been commissioned to confirm that your office suite hit iOS and Android devices.

   In particular it has been in the Czech Republic, at a local event company. Chief Office product for the region, Petr Bobek, has been responsible for confirming that there will be a version of Office for Apple and Google systems . According to The Verge said, quoting local media ihned during the conference Bobek Office explained that such systems will be available from March next year.

   Microsoft plans to develop native applications for both systems Office, which is expected to get a good user experience . The company plans to launch soon would Office 2013 for their own systems, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, and then make the leap to the two market dominators.

   Now that we know that Office hit iOS and Android, the puzzles that remain unresolved are the features that include those versions and price . Currently there are several office software suite for the two systems, but the recognition of users to Office may make the system succeed in the market.

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