Microsoft Office 2013:Preview & Impression

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The new Microsoft Office is designed to run on PCs with keyboard and mouse, tablets and smartphones. And it will allow the user to switch between multiple devices and find the same working environment in all of them.He should be released along with Windows 8 , sometime between August and October. But who wants to can now experience a preliminary version. Check out the main features of the package.

1 Everything in the cloud

The new Office will not be sold in boxes like this.Instead, applications will be downloaded from the cloud.The user will pay a subscription to use it. In the default configuration, documents are stored on SkyDrive storage service in the Microsoft cloud.Thus, available anywhere there is Internet access. A copy of the document stored locally will allow access when there is no connection.

2 Two different devices

A signature of the new Office will give the right to use the software on up to five PCs or Macs and mobile devices. In each of them, the user will have access to your personal settings, dictionaries and templates, which are synchronized via the cloud. He will be able to also download the software for temporary use on any PC when away from home or office. This is what Microsoft calls Office on Demand.

3 Touch sensitive

The Office had its interface reworked to better respond to touch commands. It was easier to move objects and operate the zoom with your fingers, as in other apps for tablets. The ribbon, which groups the commands in Office 2010 and 2007, is hidden. Touching (or clicking) on top of the screen, it appears.

4 Applications

They are part of the complete applications Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access.Office Home and Student 2013, which should be the cheapest edition, will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. This edition will come pre-installed with Windows on tablets RT (reduced version of Windows 8 for tablets with ARM processor), such as Microsoft Surface.

5 Excel

There are some new features in Office, but most of the functional changes is towards automating operations or make them easier. In Excel, for example, when you select a group of data in the spreadsheet, the application can suggest the most appropriate type of graph to represent it. When creating a pivot table, instead of staying adjusting settings, the user chooses between various layouts proposed by Excel. 

6 Word 

The word processor now has a way of reading on the screen to get a cleaner look. In the case of long texts, Word marks the page where the reading was interrupted. And there’s also a zoom feature for graphics and photos. When you tap an object of this type, a larger version appears. Clicking again, the image back to its original size. When you move or resize a picture, table or chart, the text is automatically distributes the remaining space on the page.

7 PowerPoint

The slideshow editor has won a host mode, where the speaker sees the next slide to be displayed and can take notes without the audience to see. In the new version, there is also a zoom function that can be used to highlight a part of the slide during the presentation.Moreover, the application shall have tools for merging and aligning shapes.

8 OneNote

The app notes OneNote was redone specifically for Windows 8. In this operating system, a new circular context menu is used to apply formatting to text.

9 Outlook

The application of e-mail the Office has never been a unanimous vote. Some users simply hate him. For them, the bad news is that the 2013 edition brings little new functional. One is the People Card contact manager, integrated with social networks. It is also easier to consult the calendar of someone before you make an appointment. And there are some new items debatable, as an area that displays the weather forecast in the application.

10 Pen

Office 2013 supports annotations with pen on the touch screen. Handwritten notes can be converted into digital text. Depending on the application, the pen can also be used to erase, draw and color. In presentations with PowerPoint, it functions as a kind of virtual laser pointer.

11 Social Networks and Skype

Office 2013 brings a new contact manager called People Card. He works integrated with Facebook and LinkedIn. Skype is also integrated into the new Office.Each subscription entitles you to 60 minutes per month of phone calls. This applies to landlines in 40 countries and in seven cell.

In business, Skype contacts are integrated with Lync, Microsoft’s corporate messenger. In addition, Yammer, a service that Microsoft bought, is offered as an option for companies to assemble networks social deprivation.

12 Signatures

Microsoft has not said how much it will cost the new Office. But Steve Ballmer announced three new plans for the Office 365, the current online version of the package, which will be updated with Office 2013. The new plans are these:

Home Premium – For families, will include 20 gigabytes of storage space in SkyDrive and 60 minutes of phone calls via Skype per month.

Small Business Premium – The edition will include a small service business email, shared calendars, websites and tools for high-definition videoconferencing.

ProPlus -Designed for large enterprises, have more flexible options for deployment and management in the cloud.

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