Microsoft Office 2013 applications will be integrated and own shop

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The new Office will share documents across platforms like LinkedIn and will service an Office Store, still in beta.

The ultimate office suite, the  Office of Microsoft, will the new version with many improvements and a cup more social than their predecessors. Also SharePoint has been renewed .

 For some time, Microsoft is seeking new business models and it seems that the use of applications in the cloud is one of them. So, has launched its own app store in beta and with the name Office Store, for the 2013 versions of Office and SharePoint services. The idea is to allow the user to use these apps from any device and, more so, share documents and files.


In the case of Office, platforms like LinkedIn, Bing Maps or Medal Tracker can be inserted into line or be part of templates. The new mail service, Outlook , will also have its role and will use the applications without leaving the inbox . For example, a user who opens your mail will see the sender’s LinkedIn profile or target persons, and this interaction is also possible in services such as Excel or Word.


Meanwhile, SharePoint , will have widgets which grouped the applications that the user wants.In addition, those developers who want to create their apps may do so through services such as JavaScript, CSS3 or HTML5 .

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