Microsoft offers browser choice for Windows 8 in upcoming versions

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Microsoft has released the Windows 7 browser choice known by update ( KB976002 ) now users the RTM version and the Release Preview of Windows 8 provided. After installation, the next time the tile is replaced for Internet Explorer with a button for the Browserauswahlbox.

The user clicks on it, a window opens in which he can opt for a browser. You can choose between Google’s Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, and Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer 10thApple has not yet released its Safari browser for Windows 8.

In the final version of Windows 8 for the end users browser choice is likely to be included by default. She appears on 26 October.In 2009, Microsoft was at the insistence of the European Union agreed to Windows users with different browsers to choose from. This measure would prevent the EU that Microsoft’s supremacy in operating systems limits the spread of alternatives to its own browser, Internet Explorer. A year later, the software giant for users integrated within the EU, a selection window into its operating system over which they were able to download and install an alternative browser.Previously, Microsoft had its own browser installed by default on every new Windows system.Saw them as competitors in a breach of the fair competition.

Mid-July, Microsoft’s competitors complained to the EU that the software giant is no longer the choice of browsers provide. The Competition Commission opened a formal antitrust proceedings against Microsoft and threatened with punishment if the allegations prove true should.

Microsoft’s criticism of it not only in the EU. Also, the Legal Affairs Committee of the U.S. Senate wants to deal with, according to U.S. media reports, the browser issue in Windows. The Mozilla Foundation and Google had complained in June that Microsoft is trying to avoid in the ARM version of Windows 8 competing browser. Mozilla made reference to a Microsoft announcement that Windows RT for security and stability reasons, no browsers are approved third party. The recall the so-called “browser war” of the nineties, said Mozilla spokesman Asa Dotzler. Here again, Microsoft threatened an antitrust investigation.

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