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Has been for years one of the most popular services of the Internet , but it seems that time has come . The American website The Vergue has reported that Microsoft has decided to close this service and move all users to Skype . According to the U.S. portal this transition could be announced this week.

The process may have begun a few months ago, diverting traffic from one platform to the other without changing the interface. In fact, 80% of traffic in MSN Messenger instant messages and would move through Skype , even if you were not aware.

The truth is that the service was unlikely to continue to exist, and that is that in the age of instant messaging and free via mobile had lost its meaning. The program appeared in 1999 , and for years has been used by millions of worldwide users. However, do not get any major update since 2007 , something really unusual.

Currently there is no official confirmation from Microsoft that the service will disappear, and certainly no definitive dates for withdrawal. In any case, the move made sense for the interest that Microsoft has to integrate Skype into their systems . The Redmond bought this system for a year and a half by 8500 million .

Since then Skype has become the primary messaging service of the company and its functions overlap with those of Messenger. operating system in the new company, Windows 8 , Skype appears inline default.

Messenger represents the beginning of the golden age of the Internet, and is considered one of the first social networks. For years, users have shared millions of messages and emoticons, but in recent years its use has dwindled. The emergence of Facebook , which also has an instant messaging service was a blow to the service. Moreover, once represented a free alternative to texting, but the use of these has also fallen today. Other services like WhatsApp for phones have taken over.

Microsoft decides to shelve as one of its most emblematic services , but it represents an era of Internet that has already ended. Skype began as a much more comprehensive and integrated, which allows phone calls, video conferencing and messaging. Besides, I can integrate MSN contacts and conforms better to the aesthetics of Windows 8.

It is symbolic that the first service Microsoft has decided to delete. Just months ago it was announced that the email service Hotmail will be replaced by Outlook . This renovation also seems a way to approach the new interface of Windows 8. only remains to be seen how it will be the transition from one service to another for users who still use Messenger, but according to sources it will be very quickly and could be announced this week.

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