Microsoft may be working on a 7 inch Surface

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Desktops are losing more and more weight on the market and many users with very high needs are not betting on the tablets . Some devices are comfortable, easy to handle and accompany us wherever we go. In fact, according to resourcesMicrosoft would be working on a Surface of 7 inches and still have no product in this segment. Right now is being dominated by the Google Nexus 7, iPad Mini or even the Amazon Kindle Fire.

Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft Tablet

In the beginning, Microsoft Surface is a tablet designed to work and be quite productive. In fact, the keyboard including that aims to feel more comfortable when typing. However, the 7-inch Surface sink some of that experience as pleasant as the size of the keyboard is also reduced. However, it may be that the concept of this tablet is different and is directed to perform other tasks such as reading books, update our social networks or play in those spare moments.

On the other hand, remember that Microsoft has established a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels .Also, this would allow them to develop a relatively inexpensive product to fight for the top positions in the segment, although competition would not be so easy, especially knowing that summer is coming the second generation of Nexus 7 .

Although not known for certain, it seems that the 7-inch Surface hit the market in summer. In fact, this release would coincide with the first public beta of Windows Blue leaving us with the uncertainty of whether Windows 8 will, like his older brothers, or come with the new Windows Blue.

Ultimately, the 7-inch Surface fully agrees with the intent of Microsoft to expand its product range Surface . Could this be the first? Probably yes, since Microsoft has not yet revealed their cards to compete in this segment so juicy.

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