Microsoft launches new Office, reinvented as a cloud service

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Microsoft has introduced the new Office 365 Home Premium, a new version of Office as a cloud service aimed at the consumer market.

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The company explained that by purchasing a license from the new Office 365 customers will receive 20 GB on Skydrive and 60 minutes of calls per month on Skype .

The new Office, which can be installed on up to five devices, be they PCs, Macs or ‘tablets’ with Windows 8, allows home users anytime access to your information (including mobility), using multiple devices and share this information with others.

The new suite also incorporates Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote applications Access, Publisher and Outlook. Within the tender, Office 365 Home Premium, which is marketed through an annual subscription, includes 20 GB of cloud storage with SkyDrive and 60 minutes per month of free national and international calls with Skype.

“This is not just another version of Office, Office is reinvented as a cloud service,” said the president of Microsoft Ibérica, María Garaña. “The new Office, contrary to what many consumers believe, goes beyond Word, is a set of applications. We add new capabilities to the apps that already existed,” he added

One of the new features of Microsoft Office has been highlighted by you will be constantly updated over the Internet. Thus, the Home Office 365 subscribers automatically receive Premium upgrades that are made ​​and the new features to the product.


Beyond the constant updating, the new Office is ready to run on multiple devices. Microsoft Office 365 explained that Home Premium runs on touchscreen terminals and those with keyboard and mouse. The company explained that its new suite is compatible with computers and ‘tablet’ Windows, Macs and phones with Windows Phone but still with iPhone and Android .

Looking ahead, Maria Garaña has made clear that the intention of the company is to expand the catalog of equipment and compatible systems.“We want Office is a platform that is used in all Windows and non-Windows devices, but one thing at a time. Our goal is to reach all platforms,” ​​said Garaña during the presentation of the system.

The idea of ​​increasing the supported platforms has to do with the nature of the new Office, based in the cloud. Thus, when you start a session from any device, documents and own personal settings are always available.Therefore, expanding the supported platforms can be an interesting incentive to get the interest of users.

New Features

For proper functionality within the new Office 365 Home Premium, Microsoft has worked to provide its suite of innovations compared to previous versions. This is news to keep the user focused online and improve your productivity.

For example, the new Office allows each contact agrecar information from different sources, including social networks, which allow, for example, access photos from social networks through Office, to complete contact cards or other system products.

The new Office also has a reading mode, optimized for reading documents ‘tablets’. Another view of Presenter is introduced, which allows seeing onscreen presentations notes, the following slides and presentation time, while other users can only appreciate the presentation itself.

Following the news focused on mobility, Microsoft has introduced the ultimate function venue, which allows the user to retrieve the exact spot where he left a document that was working.

Finally, Microsoft has explained the introduction of fill flash function. It is a tool especially designed for Excel, eliminating the massive and repetitive entry of data.

Price and Availability

Users that are committed to the new Office may, with a subscription, use the software on up to five devices. This firnam annual subscription allows installation of Office 365 Home Premium on up to five devices, either on Windows PCs, ‘tablets’ Windows or Mac computers

The new Office 365 Home Premium is available for EUR 79.99 for a one year subscription if purchased with a new PC. Those who acquire this license without PC will have to pay 99.99 euros.

As for Office 365 University, Microsoft has confirmed it is available for 79.99 euros for a four-year subscription for up to two devices. This form includes all applications, storage SkyDrive, Skype calls and future updates included with Office 365 Home Premium.

Finally, Microsoft has advanced to Small Business Premium Office 365 will be available next February 27.

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