Microsoft launched its ‘smartwatch’ with heart rate monitor “in coming weeks”

The proposal by the wearable technology software giant would focus on monitoring physical activity

microsoft smartwatch

The device ‘ wearable ‘-vestible, in Spanish of Microsoft prepares to introduce in the coming weeks. For several months it takes rumored that the Redmond firm was working on his own smart watch to compete with other big brands like Apple, that next year will land in this emerging technology next year.

According unveiled ‘Forbes’ , the ‘smartwatch’ under the umbrella of the software giant will integrate various sensors designed for monitoring of physical activity and a catalog of applications for fitness in addition to an integrated heart rate monitor to track heart rate user, an existing concept in other portable devices on the market. ‘s course, the operating system, as you can guess, run by Windows or own platform based on this system.

Of course, one of the differences of this “gadget” to wear compared to rivals is the promise of a length greater than two days battery in regular use, which surpass other models on the market that fail to reach to a full day. Precisely this, low autonomy of these devices is behind low usage among citizens.

While large technology companies like Apple and Samsung have decided to set foot in this new technology category, it remains to be seen whether these devices captivate users as in his day led smart phones or ‘smartphones’.

Thus, Microsoft could face a major challenge of trying to sell a new smart bracelet while analysts agree that the clock of Apple, the Apple Watch , will be the main attraction next year. Apple showed its ‘smartwatch’ on September 9 , a device that will combine functions to track health more functional aspects thanks to the internet.

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