Microsoft is ready for the migration of Windows XP to Windows 8.1

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It has been just two months until the end of support for Windows XP. On 8th of April, Microsoft will launch its latest patch for its longest operating system. Given the still respectable percentage of penetration of Windows XP , Microsoft has decided to extend anti-malware updates for Windows XP until April 15.Furthermore, with this decision, Microsoft has set the objective of facilitating the migration of users from Windows XP to Windows 8.1.

“Studies by Microsoft demonstrate how the effectiveness of malware on an operating system that is no longer supported is limited solutions. In no case have the updated anti-malware signatures ensures that devices with Windows XP are safe, “said Microsoft in a statement also notes that “go for safety and protection in technology happens to use both software and advanced hardware and generation, allowing guard against the many threats that exist today. “

According to the resources, Windows XP is still on the 28.98 percent of the PC. The upside is that this percentage has dropped considerably since December 2012, when Windows XP was on the 39.08 percent. “The partners of Microsoft worldwide are offering outstanding opportunities to not only help users and companies migrating from Windows XP , also to gain access to all the advantages of technology and advanced software like Windows 8.1 . Migrating from Windows XP involves access to improved productivity, efficiency, time savings, use of touch technology and also cost savings, “concludes Microsoft.

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