Microsoft invests in social media ratings service Klout

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Microsoft is cooperating with the future social media measurement service KloutBing will display data from Klout while Klout “fades highlights from Bing.” Basis of partnership is in the Bing blogannounced “strategic investment” in Microsoft Klout an indeterminate amount.

Klout evaluates the impact of a person because of their social media publications and reviews of other users through the “Klout Score”It also identifies other areas in which they exercise a particular influence on others.Klout is Bing information under certain circumstances in the future View Profile of users.

Microsoft grabs the Klout results contrast in the Bing Sidebar . In the same way it already has integrated Foursquare and Quora.

Microsoft sees the investment in the context of Big Data and connects to search entries here as an important information about a user. The blog says: “Search as transmitted signal is an exciting new development for our interest in Big Data and how we can improve the value of many other daily unused services.”

The new integration can easily test According to Microsoft by focusing on goes, logging in Facebook and executes some queries. Microsoft suggests searches as “Movies”, “Stanford University” and “NFL Schedule” before. The feature currently works only with the U.S. version of Bing .

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