Microsoft Internet Explorer boasts 10 as the fastest browser on Windows

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When we test features of browsers, we always a little skeptical about the results. I think the conditions in which they are made not have much to do with the way I have to use them in real life. In the end I just did not quite believe the results. Anyway, speed is not the main reason for me to choose a browser.Reload a page two seconds faster is not as important. But the browser developers do not think the same and almost all are promoted in this respect. Now who boasts Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 as the fastest browser on Windows .

This is based on a study, a monitoring web pages, applications and servers that analyzed in last September over 42,000 million page loading speed and the same with the different browsers. The results tell us that Internet Explorer 10 is the fastest Windows , followed by Internet Explorer 9 and Firefox almost no difference with 15. Very far is Chrome 22, which shows even slower than previous versions of the browser.

If we look at the global statistics that show changes a bit, without making bias operating system. on desktops and laptops is the fastest Chrome 19 in its Linux version , followed by their different versions for Mac Here Internet Explorer 10 is eighth, Opera or Safari, or even appear, something that especially in the case of the former a bit strange.

Page load speed in browsers

What we do not detail the conditions that had each of the browsers. tests are real , you can see the type of browser and operating system they use. What you see is not what accessories are installed, which are extensions, etc. ie the extras we have in many browsers and also condition the loading speed.

Personally I think Microsoft takes a while doing great work with Internet Explorer . Even still paying for past mistakes committed with Internet Explorer 6, but the browsing experience with Internet Explorer 10 in Windows 8 is really good. Maybe not my browser, but if primary has become a secondary browser I use much more than Firefox, for example. Having seen the statistics, it appears that is not as bad option, as far as regards load quickly.

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