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Company has released preview of the service, which can be tested by users of Hotmail. Clean interface and integration with social networks are highlighted.

Microsoft announced on 31 july to preview its new email service “for the next billion inboxes” as the Redmond company announced in a post made in the Office blog .The new mail in the cloud has not yet been officially released, but it can be tested by users and anyone who owns a Hotmail account. 

With an interface much cleaner (and pins directly to Gmail, especially in the video released today by the company, which shows the new features), Microsoft promises “something new, without redundancy, scary ads” and integrated into social networks like Facebook , Twitter and services like Skype.

The company says that, on the home page service, will fit 30% more messages than “webmail that most people use,” and that the advertisements do not occupy large spaces, all to keep less information on screen. Topping the list of messages there is an option to filter the display of e-mails by categories such as “Unread”, “Newsletters”, “Contacts”, “Social Networks”, among others. Messages are filtered automatically and the user can delete, move or signal just by putting the mouse over the items. 

A major feature is the integration with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, since you can monitor and update your own status from the window e-mail, upload photos and even start a conversation with your Skype contacts – resource that should be released soon, much like the one presented on 30th july by Google, where you can start directly from Gmail hangouts. 

Who wants to test the Outlook preview can visit the service address for a those who have Hotmail can upgrade to the new version of the service by clicking “Options”, choose “Update for Outlook” in the upper right corner. Remember that the preview is optional and can be reversed at any time and in addition, messages, contacts and files are not changed, according to Microsoft. 

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